Venue Directions

401 Chapel Drive
Box 90974
Durham, NC 27708


Visitors may consult Google Maps for driving directions to the parking deck nearest Duke Chapel.


Visitors to the Chapel are encouraged to park in the Bryan Center parking garage or pay lot. The cost is $2 per hour except on Sunday mornings, when parking is free until 1:00 p.m. The cost is $5 on a day when the University is hosting a special event.

For some evening and weekend special events, overflow parking is provided in the Biological Sciences parking lot, on the opposite side of Science Drive from the Bryan Center and Chapel. The cost is $2 per hour.

All buses, including mini-buses, are restricted from parking in front of the Chapel. Please make a reservation to arrange for buses to drop-off and pick-up passengers at Duke Chapel. Buses may park in the spaces designated for buses at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens once passengers have been dropped off at the Chapel.

For further information on visitor parking options, please consult the Parking section of the Duke Parking and Transportation Services campus map.